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Lube-Tools Sweden AB

For Professionals & Quality conscious



We at Lube Tools manufactures a complete system for grease filling in bulk that makes your filling fast and efficient, and furthermore cleaner than conventional equipment.

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Lube-Tools are Lubricant experts who are working to spread knowledge on a local level all around the country.
through our network of sellers, you can quickly and easily get in touch with a sales representative
that can give you technical advice on lubricants


Advantages of Lube-Tools Patented Lubricating System.

  • No mess
  • No mess refilling greasegun
  • No mess Lubricating
  • Indicator for full greasegun
  • No problems with clogged fittings
  • Returncoupler for hose
  • You can always go to the machine with full greasegun 650 grams
  • Around 40% price reduction when using Pails
  • Clean and Green